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    Slow Up

    Good name considering I didn’t want to slow down while eating these bars…. In the world of back-to-back meetings it is often hard to get away to have a full meal. Many have found quarantine a great time to brush up on their cooking skills, but with work from home, it seems like the working part never stops. You grab whatever is in sight, and end up making a snack to hold you over until dinner. Most of the time, you resort to a trusty granola bar, hoping to stay somewhat healthy. But what if there was a better alternative, something that made sure that you got your needed nutrients,…

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    Dresses that actually fit? As if! New York – land of high stakes and high fashion. For some, it’s an incredibly overwhelming city they avoid at all costs. For others, it’s a chance to thrive in the bustle and business, going from meeting to meeting – who knows where you might end up? In all this professional hustle and hurry, it’s important to be dressed for the occasion. Sometimes, this may prove to be difficult. Dresses are largely made for a certain body shape that only accounts for a small sliver of the population, and so, many people find themselves having to find a “best” fit instead of a perfect…

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    Let’s be Frank here…thank goodness for Frank. It seems as though the college process is growing increasingly complex and competitive. Everyone says college is the time of their lives, but what they forget to mention is the headache of the admissions process. Not only do you have to worry about having a perfect GPA, strong extracurriculars and potentially compete against hundreds of thousands of students for admission into your dream school, but once you’re in, the headache doesn’t stop. Wait, so you’re telling me I could work my BUTT off, get lucky enough to get into my dream school and there’s some kind of catch? What now?  As incredible as…

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    And they were suitemates! What if fortune tellers were a thing? What if we could predict outbreaks or wars and figure out what measures need to be taken to stop them? What if with the snap of our fingers we could see the future? Perhaps not with a snap, but with a couple of clicks – what if I told you this is something that already exists?  Imagine you’re a big finance guy, doing your finance thing, and you get a call from one of your college suitemates saying, “Hey, if I’m somehow able to scrape information from Twitter would that be useful to you at all?” I mean yeah,…

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    Commit to Green

    Carrie Bradshaw may know shoes, but Shien-ru Tsao knows bags. Eco-friendly bags. New York – a bustling city with millions of people. Every day, tons of food are consumed and tons of trash are thrown away. And why Elizabeth, you may ask, should I care about the eating and trash habits of a bunch of New Yorkers? Well, here is the linking factor: Bags. New Yorkers use upwards of 23 billion plastic bags a year, but just this past March the state finally issued a ban. However, with the prioritization of pandemic related efforts, New York has decided not to enforce the ban until June. Yet, even before the state…

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